Plan B for Aggie

Okay. She tried intimacy. It didn't work. At least not enough to get us talking about her all the time and analyzing her life. Putting cams in the sidebar, inventing cartoons, and all that.

I think she should try expressing controversial opinions and then sticking to them.



...I thought, "That's not art", and then felt like a reactionary for thinking this.
Aggie, go with it! Why is it not art?

The Superbowl:
My superbowl companions and I agreed that medleys generally suck.
Thanks, Harmony. I sure am glad I used that qualifier...
Come on, Agatha, medleys do suck! If you like the song, you want the whole thing, if you don't like the song, who wants 20 seconds of it?

She is the goddess of broken hearts.
Who is going to disagree with that? (a) People who don't know Lucinda Williams can't. (b) People who do know her have to agree because they know it's not cool to suggest that someone else is actually the goddess of broken hearts.

Musie's secret blog:
I'm sorry she was driven off the blogosphere....
Perhaps I should have said that Musie chose to remove herself for reasons unknown.
Dame Agatha! Where is your pride? Stick with your guns, woman!


Aggie said...

I believe the expression is "stick to your guns", 4D.
Bananas: I don't think I am ready to explore my reactionary side. Perhaps part of my intimacy problem.
Superbowl: Perhaps there is a medley out there that has been well done. I like to keep things open.
Lucinda: I don't think I have anything to say on this one.
Musie's secret blog: My use of the passive voice in my original posting suggested that Musie had no sense of agency.

4th Dwarf said...

Aggie, I believe I'd rather say "stick with your guns" than say the same thing everybody else says.

[See, this is the behaviour I'm suggesting you follow.]

Bananas: Of course, it's part of your intimacy problem. Problems have a way of being tied up together. It's all about where you pick at the knot.

Superbowl: Always wanting to keep things open is another string that's been twisted in there. Let the medley-lovers prove there is a good one first.

Lucinda: Exactly. You have nothing controversial to say on Lucinda. I do. She bores me. Lack of energy. Mary Chapin Carpenter sang Passionate Kisses with way more passion than Lucinda even though Lucinda wrote the song.

Musie's secret blog: Huh? "no sense of agency"? We have to know what you're talking about to disagree with you.

coyote said...

So, Short Guy. You're suggesting that Aggie can deal with her intimacy issues by becoming more like you?


And ya just know that anything I'm gonna say about bananas and intimacy at this point is gonna be, uh, anticlimactic.

Ahem, also.

4th Dwarf said...

C, I'm suggesting that Agatha will be more metabloggable if she takes a stand more often.

As for your "ahem", what are you trying to say?

Conch Shell said...

You're all bananas

4th Dwarf said...

C.S., this is a nice try at giving Agatha an example of what I'm talking about.

It's a definite position.

Unfortunately the only controversial thing about it is how you don't include yourself in the hand of bananas.