GASP! Anna Nicole Smith is dead!

4D -- excellent minutes, but I did have an excuse. I wasn't actually invited to the meeting!

But, as life rolls along, my God, the vixen/billionaire's wife/heart of gold former stripper turned powerful celeb is dead at age 39! A sad story of success and failure, and for a woman made famous by her physical similarities to Marilyn Monroe, it appears that her legacy of premature death and sadness will also be that of Monroe.

A LIST: As the story unravels, what has caused her death?

  1. Ongoing despair over the loss of her son
  2. She's thin (at last), married, a new baby, and still life was painful and lonely
  3. Too much media attention
  4. Natural causes?
  5. Unintentional interaction between diet pills/depression pills, and other pills.
  6. It's better to burn out, than to fade away?


4th Dwarf said...

I'm not ready to deal with Anna Nicole's death.

I'm still reeling over my dream girl's arrest. My theory is that on her last shuttle mission a space alien implanted a mind control device on Captain Nowak.

The Chair said...

It's all very strange. Nutty astronauts and now Ms. Smith. If the theory that "these things happen in threes" is true, I would advise Margaret Trudeau to stay close to home.

Agatha said...

Welcome back, Conch Shell. That's all I have to say.