Emergency Meeting Minutes: February 16th

Place: Usual Spot

In Attendance: 4th Dwarf, Aggie, Conch Shell, Coyote, Independent Observer (in order of arrival ) Guests: Painted Stick, Pandora

The meeting begins with Pandora being briefed on current crisis. Pandora is shocked to learn[redacted]

Conch Shell asserts that the baby cartoon was inappropriate, commenting that the baby was sexualized in the cartoon. Other group members inform CS that they didn't see that at all, and that perhaps that is her own little twisted mind at work.


Pandora points out that we can't always control how people will respond.


4th Dwarf uncharacteristically orders a grog.


Painted Stick asks: "Is the meeting over yet?" then corrects himself: "I mean, how's the meeting going?"

Conch Shell takes minutes while Aggie eats her burger. 4th Dwarf is uneasy about this.

Painted Stick starts talking about his G-string, and the discussion moves to sex.

4th Dwarf reasserts that there was no infraction, while Coyote, Aggie and CS all think [redacted]

Painted Stick says - "We've had a full discussion. Let's vote and move on."

4th Dwarf: "We haven't even gotten to the items of business yet."

The IO (a late arrival) is asked his opinion. He states that the cartoon was "borderline".

4th Dwarf argues that the Baby N cartoon was mentioned in the minutes and that no one had a problem with that.

Aggie complains of a headache. Coyote tells her that someone on CSI had a headache for a week and it turned out she had been shot. Then, a side-discussion broke out about which is better CSI-NY or CSI Miami. CS prefers Miami because of the prettier colours. Coyote prefers CSI-NY and likes all the darkness with lots of blue overtones.

Back to the issue at hand.

Conch Shell: We got lax. Instead of finger-pointing, we are all to blame.

Coyote: Anarchy is what we've been all about since the beginning.

Aggie: Do we need some kind of disciplinary mechanism in place so that this won't happen in the future?

Conch Shell points out that only the blogger-men in the group have Administrative powers: the power to delete postings and comments.

Pandora suggests making a donation to a baby-related cause, like CHEO. We all agree that this would be a proper penance.

It is agreed that Conch Shell and Aggie be given Administrative powers to rectify the gender imbalance, and to prevent future violations.

IO says he likes the new look of the blog, but that topic tags need to be on the sidebar.

The discussion moves to John Baird's hair. Coyote thinks he's hiding a receding hairline. CS says his look is appropriate for the Conservative party.

(CS posts these minutes on Aggie's behalf, as Aggie has become a luddite in the new post-bega blog world.)


Aggie said...

Yes, I am having problems with the transition to Beta. I have trouble with transitions, in general, though...
While the IO might like the new look of the blog, I'm not sure about all the gray with blue overtones. Reminds me too much of CSI NY. Can't we have more of a Miami look?

coyote said...

Hey. I like CSI NY. Waaaay less David Caruso... and that can only be a good thing.