I'm back - with deep thoughts

Yes, it's been a long time since I've posted here. I may have a Publog report up later today. Why so quiet on the blog? Two reasons.

First, I've been trying to get somewhere with ESI merchandise. The holiday season reminded me that I promised a long time ago to come up with the Elgin Street Irregulars Boardgame.

Second, I read Agatha's Random Musings hmmph, I thought, I suppose Aggie thinks she's the only one who has deep thoughts like that. I know people think of me as the comic relief around here, why else am I the only one who gets left hanging out to dry and blamed for everything that gets wrong? But I have deep thoughts too, you know.

And I have been compiling them for you:

  1. If the people who make CSI can show you the path of a bullet going through a person's torso shattering organs and blood vessels at a microscopic level, how come they can't make the wheels on cars look like they're rolling forwards?

  2. If I wrote fan fiction, I'd write: Harry Potter and the Mature Students Association. Harry goes back to magic grad school in his 40s. Ron and Hermione tease him about his 25-year-old classmates.

  3. If Howard Epstein, the Nova Scotia MLA gets his An Act to Repeal the Treasure Trove Act passed, will it be a good thing or a bad thing? (A) With the act repealed if I find pirate treasure, I get to legally keep it all, but (B) I'd keep it all anyway, because since when does a pirate tell the government about finding another pirate's treasure, and (C) suppose I bury some treasure in Nova Scotia, the repeal of the Treasure Trove Act might make law-abiding non-pirates go treasure hunting because it will be more lucrative for them. So... bad thing. If only we pirates were better politically organized.

  4. If I ever suspect that someone I know is a space alien, I will invite them to a birthday party. If they bring a gift in a box that you can open by just lifting off the nicely wrapped lid, I will know for sure they are an alien because only people on TV wrap gifts that way and space aliens learn how to impersonate us by watching TV. Also if they use words like "rassin-frassin" to swear, I will know they only got broadcast TV and not cable.

  5. Should the ESI game use a spinner? or giant dice?
Speaking of the the game again, it looks like my best ideas have already been taken by an Asian company:

[Explanation available at short pants, long story]

[p.s. I've posted another brilliant Google Poem]


The Independent Observer said...

It's just as well. If, like the Asian board game, the ESI game involved setting each other on fire and acrobatics atop presumably tall buildings, I doubt it would qualify for a Canadian Standards Association sticker of approval.

Harmony said...

No, but it would be a heck of a lot of fun...

Agatha said...

Dwarfie, you are on fire! What happened? I thought you were still recovering from the holidays.
Your google poem is wonderful and could be put to music, I think.
As for the board game, a giant dice might be fun because we could throw it at each other.

coyote said...

Just make sure they're the soft, spongey fuzzy kind.

And then we can add a purple fun-fur dashboard to set off the 8-track player, and a giant metal-flake airbrush mural of unlikely-looking oomphy women with helmets and swords, but few other clothing items, on the outside, and a black light and waterbed in the back, and chrome exhaust pipes, mag wheels, and lotsa politically-incorrect antique bumper stickers... kewl!!!