Asteroidea questions for the ESIs

Over at Asteroidea Press, Megan and Coyote are having an interesting discussion about blogging. Megan asks:

How blogging fits into my writing; how it's changed me; and the nature of the blogging community are all things that are currently vexing me. Maybe you ESIs need to have a meeting and come up with something entertaining to counterpoint my eventual blather.

After some blather from Coyote in which he disavows knowledge of a blogging community, (seriously, he does) Megan asks more questions:

Were all you ESIs friends before the blog started? Are you better friends now? Different friends? Think of new live relationships, new e-relationships, or old acquaintances that have developed into something different because we're all putting our words out there. That's community, no?

If I was engaged in an intimacy challenge, I might try to answer these questions.

p.s. Megan also did an excellent job of describing a phenomenon she dubbed "blog-brain".

p.p.s. Before I get a citation, I want the Content Review Task Force to know that I realize I am in flagrant violation of Guideline A(4). With Aggie on her intimacy challenge, Coyote off chatting up the cuties, and everybody else apparently too busy shagging to post, it's left to me.


Agatha said...

I love Megan and would like her to join the ESIs. Perhaps we need to have an emergency meeting to discuss this further.
Did Megan coin the term ~blog brain~? Brilliant.
Yes, those questions are very interesting for me right now.

Harmony said...

Holy &^%*$! Aggie!!! Do you realize that not only have you possibly bridged the "intimacy gap" in your life, by suggesting you "love" Megan, but that you have also possibly invited a total stranger (ie, Megan) to love you back? Cool...or what? You are, like, the MOST intimate person I know!