Unreasonable demands

A number of demands have been made on me as the new muse that I deem to be unreasonable.

1) That I disclose details of my sex life. The 5th Muse rarely disclosed details of her sex life except to complain that she wasn't getting as much as she'd like because of M's asexual issues.

2) That I blog more. Yes, the 5th blogged a lot. But, she also took breaks when she was busy.

3) That I talk more about my relationship problems. Unlike our original Muse, I'm not aiming for the happy ending. But why are problems so interesting? Do you really think you can learn from my problems? Aren't you interested in hearing about all the things that are going well?


coyote said...

You make worthy points, ma'am.

The Muse, as you say, didn't dish on the down 'n dirty details of her sex life, except for occasional obliquenesses like the (in)famous shower curtain episode -- a masterpiece of in-your-face non-revelation.

However, as we have said before, she also substituted a talent for rather breathtaking emotional revelation. You guard your inner life more carefully. This is not a bad thing, but we all may need to adjust to the obvious difference in styles and outlooks. And redirect our prurient curiousity.

And speaking of a textbook case of 'unreasonable', I want to point out to BlogAdmin that today's cam reference to 'introducing Pia Zadora' is, like, so not true. My VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever puts her debut in 1964's, uh, classic, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, as a skinny-ass ten-year-old in bad green makeup.

4th Dwarf said...

Ahh, the broken shower rod... those were the days.

1) Sex Life: I admit it. You and Coyote are both right. And we can always imagine what happened after your waiter friend unplugged your computer.

2) Blogging More: Perhaps I'm front-channelling back-channel here, but I recall times when you were so distraught about the 5M's not blogging in the summer of 2005 that you, the founder of the Ethics Committee, suggested we conduct field work to make sure she was okay.

3) Hearing about the things that are going well? Get serious. We have Bob for that sort of blog. And what about all those cheery mommy blogs?

p.s. Am I the only one who doesn't get the Pia Zadora joke?

coyote said...

...now that ya mention it, Short Guy, any joke associated with Pia's appearance here is evidently even more obscure than her showbiz career...