Coyote and Dating

Coyote should not listen to any ESI pressure to enter into dating world. Dating is an evil construct, based on regressive, repressive outdated courtship rituals. Don't go there, Coyote!

Lavalife and all those places are spaces for people who think they are too busy to get away from their monitors or who just generally have screen addictions. Do you really want to hang around with these types?

In addition to the lavalife stuff, there are a plethora of "dating advice" sites and quizzes out there that are completely obnoxious, and promote relationships that last forever. That's not very postmodern, is it? And talk about heterocentric! We're still in the middle ages with all this dating propaganda.

I also think some of these sites give bad advice. One site advised young men to use this pick-up line: Carry an empty chair to a woman's table and say, "Is this seat taken?"

Now, I would likely tell the young man to bugger off if he used that one. I dare you to try that one, 4th Dwarf! Or, Chair, you could use this line, and replace the word "seat" for "chair". That might be appealing to the ladies, especially if you asked it rhetorically: "Is this Chair taken? Why yes, I believe it is!"

But back to the dating thing, Coyote. The goal should be good old-fashioned shagging, not dating. Don't date. Just shag. Shagging is good for you, you shaggy dog, you!


4th Dwarf said...

Dating for the Coyote is out?

I was all set to create a MySpace account for our furry friend.

"Wild dog with poetry in his soul seeks a tame mate who likes bad puns and good biscotti."

Then, I was going to publish the names and email addresses of everyone who replied.

Anonymous said...

Dating for Coyote is NOT out. You just set up that MySpace account, Mr. head-wound. And the puns aren't always bad...the cookies are always great.
Re: publishing, that's your call Dwarf, but may I say this: Aggie, I'm DEEPLY wounded by your Lavalife comments. I've never been addicted to MY screen, ever. I've only ever been addicted to any number of other things, as you may or may not recall. Currently, I'm personally addicted to...well, perhaps I shouldn't start a list so long. In any event, leave off the Lava. For some of us,it's our last-chance avenue into what-may-or-may-not-be an actual real world, despite appearances.
And by the way, I absolutely agree with your comments about those HORRIBLE pickup lines. Can you imagine a Chair asking someone if their "seat" were free? Good God.

coyote said...

"...wild rose for dreaming and love
Indian paint brush for love again
rosemary for love yet again,
and remembrance always..."

Agatha said...

OK, Coyote. Clearly, I'm going to have beat the hopeless romantic out of you.

coyote said...

Bet that'll be way more fun than Spider Solitaire....

The Independent Observer said...

I think Coyote may need some help from professionals in the canine dating world.