Why the Chinchillas are not being blogged

  1. R may have suggested that the wee chinchillas are not a suitable topic;

  2. 5M had several rough experiences with previous pets and perhaps suspected that unkind commenters would leave nasty remarks or speculations on her reasons for even having chinchillas; or

  3. that others would make satirical cartoon series about them.

Those are my guesses.

I wish her well with them.

I understand that chinchillas aren't the easiest pets to care for, but I'm sure she's up to the challenge.


Agatha said...

Yes, the Chinchillas are not being blogged about. In fact, nothing is being blogged at the moment. I've heard that Chinchillas are a lot of work. I hope R is giving her a hand.
In the meantime, I suggest you folks metablog about MOI - the stand-in muse.

coyote said...

It really is all about us now, isn't it?

4th Dwarf said...

As well it should be.

And I realize now that Aggie was right to start her own blog to put some wind beneath our wings.

For we are metabloggers, and now that she has her own blog, we can blog about her without accusations of self-referential wanking.

coyote said...

Spoken, sirrah, like a true wanker in denial...