No Coat for Siren

Siren: Not Exactly as Shown
What's this? The original Muse is back? And where are the baby Chinchillas? This is so confusing. However, I find it a little too coincidental that Aggie disappears just when Musie comes back. Hmmm. Enough said.

As for finding a 1st-year-since-1st-date anniversary gift, I found out that Ms. Hatton does have some works for sale at the Dale Smith Gallery. They range from $800 and up. Maybe a bit out Musie's price range, but when it comes to 1st-date anniversaries, is there really a price too high? And if it is a money problem, I believe our former ESI'er, Siren, would buy a few of those new Chinchillas.


4th Dwarf said...

Chair, you've hit this one on the head. As the Fifth Muse has said, everything happens for a reason. Her latest posting is a clear message: Agatha's postings belong here in our blogspot, not in some hidden corner of the web.

It's also clear that Musie wants to keep her chinchilla breeding separate from her blogging. We've always known that she doesn't tell us everything and now we have proof.

As for the art of Sarah Hatton, the paintings of teenage girls are unsettling. They reminded me of how glad I was in my youth that with whatever troubles I had, I didn't have to navigate the treacherous waters of the girls' social world.

In grade 5, I was the chief codebreaker for the boys. We'd intercept messages where letters had been transposed or changed to numbers and I'd decipher them. But even when I turned the messages into English, they made no sense.

Corrie said...

Chair, darling: speaking on behalf of my friend Siren, I think I can state without reservation that a Chinchilla coat would make her singing sound even sweeter. Like our colleague Aggie, who thoroughly enjoys a vice or three (waiters, booze, a good shag for example), Siren isn't one to say no to the nicer things in life...

4th Dwarf said...

Judging by the diet question 5M recently asked on the Ontario Chinchillas forum, it looks like her pet is about to pop.

Check it out here.