Message to R---Lose the Nightlight!

I am pro-R. I love his red hair. I love his soups, his dishwasher purchase, his gregarious nature. I love that he married Musie. I love what this relationship has done for Musie. Marriage may not be for everyone, but it is certainly is doing positive things for Musie. Hurray for R!!!

But R needs to lose the nightlight. That is not something Musie should have to put up with.


4th Dwarf said...

I am not pro-R. Red hair is over-rated. Soup is for people with no teeth. And Real men wash their dishes by hand.

But he's made Musie happy and she should wear an eye-shade.

Or, wear a toque and pull it down over her eyes.

And be glad she doesn't have to wear ear plugs to sleep with him. That's what my ex had to do.

The Chair said...

R should be allowed his nightlight. If it makes him feel secure, Musie should try to understand. I know many sissy-pants fellows who were probably coddled too much by their mothers and can't help how they feel. We need to be more tolerant of them. And if he's a bed-wetter, so be it. Get rubber sheets, Musie. And if bugs turn him into a fraidy-cat, turn the other cheek "girlfriend"...