Introducing Marmite and Söt

Friends, I have found a new blog for us to follow. It is the pictorial record of the adventures of two toy animals. Marmite is the monkey.

These two have a clear passion for life and embrace their new enthusiasms. The photo I have selected here is titled: Marmite & Söt's Favourite Film

They are on a trip right now. Perhaps to England. I suspect that careful analysis of these photos will teach us much about life.


coyote said...

Well, Penguin Lust, even of the construction paper variety, is a start, I suppose. But how the hell d'ya pronounce Söt, anyway? I never quite got that umlaut thing. And are we not trying too consciously for that 'fuzzy-cute' factor here? I mean, much as I enjoy the taste of cats, I'm leery of going meta on the moral equivalent of a kittie-pix blog.

But I take your point, Short Guy. The Muse flounders. She's back to blogging, still focussing on, and processing her current relationship, still invariably opening each post with what's pissin' her off, although modified with a grateful-sounding sign-off -- but has agreed (more or less) not to blog R.

And there's the rub. How do you blog a relationship whilst omittin' the significant other? Uh, you don't. You try to write around it. It's a big literary challenge, and I'm not sure there's a decent solution under her current rules of engagement, even if she's really only observin' 'em in the breach.

At the moment, it's sorta like, when there's patently an elephant in the living room, trying to pretend that it's not there. But it still looks like an elephant; smells like an elephant (...Q: how can you tell there's an elephant in the room? A: You can smell the peanuts on its breath...); and pretty much leaves an elephant-sized-and-shaped hole in the blog proceedin's, such that most observers, with little difficulty, may pick out the size, shape, position and posture of said pachyderm.

Is this the way to deal with pachydermatitis...?

Agatha said...

Stuff toys are not blogworthy, Dwarfie. As Coyote has pointed out, Musie is grappling with a huge literary challenge here. I reckon she is doing the best she can right now. She certainly is eating well, isn't she? That is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say.
Sometimes when our lives are too "interesting", they are also f*&ed up, are they not? Remember that Chinese curse?