5th Muse Pregnancy Issue; New Muse on Elgin; Undeclared Meeting Minutes

Undeclared Meeting Minutes

Location: A place new to most of the Irregulars

Members present: 4D (scribe), IO (convenor), Aggie, Coyote, the Chair, CS (late w/o excuse)

Guests present: the Ethicist's Daughter, PS (arrived w/ CS)

  1. Aggie related details of improvisational performance she and the ED attended in which a man played the role of a kayak and a woman acted the part of a kayaker. They concurred it was the most interesting part of the evening. All present agreed that "the kayak" would make a great name for a sexual position to be practised by Canadians. (Scribe's notes: I imagine a natural step during the Kayak, would be an Eskimo roll or two.)

  2. All congratulated the IO for the great work he is doing for democracy. As Aggie said, "he's protecting our freedoms more than those fucking soldiers in Afghanistan."

  3. Aggie asked if there is anything on TV that would warrant her acquiring a TV. Coyote allowed that he finds it necessary to watch House. "He's brilliant and obnoxious." (Scribe's note: I believe the canine identifies with at least one of those qualities.) Before the dwarf could admit that he has also been sucked into a damn medical show (yes, the dwarf has to admit it's not all home improvement shows and pirate movies on his TV screen), the Chair began making an exageratted gesture in which his cupped hand appeared to be moving up and down along a vertical cylinder. "Wank, wank, wank. You could just masturbate and have more fun. I hate that show."

  4. The ESIs adjourned their meeting to enjoy a performance by Mr. William Bragg of England.

  5. The ESIs reconvened at the same spot. All but the dwarf were greatly amused when the waitress implied that the humble scribe did not need the caffeinated beverage he ordered.

  6. CS asked for everyone's opinions on whether Canadian troops should be in Afghanistan. PS suggested that other topics would be more interesting. For example, how was dwarfie's week in the salt mine or what aquatic species is endangered.

  7. CS informed us that in fact, the dwarf wedge mussell has become extirpated. (Scribe's note: It's true. When we get our band going, we should do a benefit.)

  8. CS asked which Canadian is famous enough that people would vote for them for Prime Minister. Many names were suggested, but all were shot down because they were either: too weird, linked to drugs, or only famous in Canada. In the end, the only name that remained was Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes. All agreed that he'd tear down the structure of government, rebuild it to code, and get it right. All but Aggie, of course, because she has no TV and has never seen Mr. Homes solve people's renovation nightmares.

  9. On the subject of the 5th Muse, all agreed that she is not entertaining us the way she was when she actually told us about what was happening in her life.

New Muse on Elgin

Leave it to Agatha to step in when others have dropped the ball. I am delighted that she has started her own blog and hope that it doesn't become one of the millions of blogs that start with great promise and then get dropped. I also hope that she gives us some real dirt on people she knows and gives us some straight talk about sex.

5th Muse Pregnancy Issue

Yes, there is something the muse has not been blogging about. But she is discussing it on a forum. Cleverly disguising herself as being from Barrie (clever because rather than being unnamed, it's a named Canadian City.) She's got concerns about diet, ledges, and maybe even a C-section. You can read all about it here.


Aggie said...

I'll do my best to live up to the Essex girl reputation.

coyote said...

Aggie... sex in the back seat of a white Ford Fiesta? Even in a red or blue one, you'd need to be at least triple-jointed to pull that off. Is there anything about your planet of origin that you're not telling us...?