Where is the IO?

Our Independent Observer seems to have gone missing. He has not blogged for over a week, and I'm concerned about him. I know he is "Independent". He has never engaged in any of the co-dependent behaviour of some ESIs. And I know that he likes to maintain an aura of mystery about his whereabouts. Here are some of my suspicions about what he might be doing:
1) He may be -- like me-- completely obsessed with the World Cup and has no time for blogging.
2) He may have decided to go back to the land of the Vikings for a spell.
3) He may have found his own muse, and doesn't want to share.
4) He may be working on one of his famous Don Cherry channelling postings (If you don't know what I'm talking about, read our ARCHIVES).
5) There is no fifth reason...


The Independent Observer said...

Ah, dear Aggie, it seems word of my disappearance has been greatly exaggerated. Your concern is appreciated. But know that I have been whiling away recent days supping with visitors from faraway lands like South America and Nova Scotia, helping my patrons renovate our observatory, forging new and interesting alliances, making lacklustre throws to home plate, contemplating summer journeys, and relishing the prospect of that most joyous of times: Bluesfest.

4th Dwarf said...

Aggie, is it just me or does it sound like the IO has become the DP - Dependant Participator. Except that he's participating every where but here.

Agatha said...

Nice to see you back, IO.