Newsflash: Lana has a new blog!

Even though the Winner of Best Blog in Ottawa loathes the ESIs and everything we stand for, I would like to pimp Lana's blog a little bit here.

The blog is lovely, and she describes it as "about home decorating, gardens and the spaces in between." Nice. Some gorgeous photos. The woman can take pictures, can she not? Her mango salsa photo made me salivate. She could have a career as food stylist. She is Ottawa's very own Martha Stewart!

I noticed there was a little nod to Fourth Dwarf in her June 24th photo. See the little dwarf figure by her window boxes. Aww. Maybe she is trying to make up with him.

Lana also refers to her TBH. That stands for "to-be-hubby". That part made me gag, but that's ok. It's charming that there are people still getting married and coming up with these little abbreviations of endearment. But, of course, we ESIs would like more details about the TBH and the relationship. We know, however, that being metablogged isn't Lana's idea of a good time.

I'm hopeful that Lana's move means that the 5M is also planning a move soon. Time will tell.


4th Dwarf said...

Lana may have a fine blog, but that June 24th posting is evidence that she still hates me.

a) that little statue first appeared in the posting where she ranted about us but then deleted her rant because "I don't want to link to crap from my site."

b) she's obviously aware that my cave has no windows that allow the growing of plants and that seeing this posting will fill me with jealous longing.

c) but most of all: I look nothing like that sculpture! It's clear that Lana will stoop to any level to bring me down, even to using discriminatory stereotypes! We dwarfs haven't worn hats like that for decades! our beards are much more stylish! and I am substantially taller than that thing!

Agatha said...

You enjoy being the 'mauvais enfant' of the Ottawa blogging community, don't you, 4D?

4th Dwarf said...

Au contraire, Mademoiselle!

It's the Chair who wants to be the bad boy.

I want to be l'eminence grise

coyote said...

Oh, I think you're proving that you're eminently greasy, verily as we speak. Or at least extremely smooth and oily...

4th Dwarf said...


I don't see why you feel it necessary to use one of my glandular conditions as a basis for wordplay.

I've always forborn from using your instinct to roll in excrement as a subject of fun with you, no matter how badly you smelled.

coyote said...

You perpetrate a gross calumny, Short Guy. We semimythical coyotes are fastidious, nay, exceedingly natty groomers. For Canada Day, I shall be wearing my Brioni fur.