Dwarves, Shells, Coyotes, Bunnies: Why can't we just all get along?

ESI Healing and Reconciliation Meeting
As called by 4th Dwarf
When: (redacted)
Where: (redacted) (Or if it's miserable, (redacted) as an alternative neutral territory)

1) Blame Game: Finger-pointing, excuse-making, responsibility-denial
2) Victim Impact Statements
3) Forgiveness, reconciliation, handshakes
4) ESI statements of recent accomplishments
5) Gentle dealing with creative blocks and other "issues"
6) Quiet reflection
7) Other business


Agatha said...

Thanks for posting our agenda, IO. I'm preparing my Victim Impact statement.

On a completely different note, I have a question for the Chair. I am looking at your picture, and I can't tell if that thing beside your chair is an ashtray or a gigantic martini.

The Chair said...

I believe it's an ashtray. I think BlogAdmin is having a bit of fun in the context of matters that are not blog-worthy. I won't go into the metaphors being played with, but I'd like BlogAdmin to know that I've noticed the absence of the ottoman followed by the substitution of the ashtray. Wit does not become you.

I'll be filing a separate victim impact statement.

coyote said...

Bunnies made outta chocolate? GENIUS!!!