Why were we de-linked?

Has the honeymoon ended? Have a few naïve bloggers, with some odd notion that an online public blog is essentially a convenient storage space, akin to a night-table for one's private diary, convinced our cherished 5M to remove herself from close association to us? Or, is it simply, through changing her blog appearance the links were forgotten? Is it a mind-game? Is it temporary, a warning, of the disassociation she may impose?
How does this affect us? Do we feel the rejection of it, or had we always expected it? Can we, together, power over our inborn desires to be liked? Most of us remain anonymous, but one of us basically outed himself with a trail of clues. For him, I expect, this has become a somewhat different experience, because he risks having to personally take on any negative sentiments felt for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

You were delinked because she doesn't know what it means to maintain a relationship - obvious!

6th Apostle said...

Hey Nony:

Maybe, now I understand, the swim metaphor from your other post (assuming of course it's the same nony -- you may want to consider an identifiable handle if you want to post here, we get a lot of nony's in this neighbourhood and it can make the dialogue a bit confusing). Let me be blunt: do you have some firsthand relationship experience with our Muse that you are alluding to. No details. A simple yes or no will do.

6th Apostle said...

Actually, before the CRTF get on my case, Nony, you can't answer my last question since this is the metablog based on 5M's blog. So you are going to have to either put some context on your assertions or start your own blog, where we can get the salacious details. Now if you are actually Pool Guy, I'm not sure how we handle the dialogue, and would have to refer to the Ethics Committee on that.