Too many lives to blog

Fantastic news: because I did so well on that coaching test, I now get regular emails encouraging me to become a coach. Here is an excerpt from today's

Has this ever happened to you? We convince ourselves we HAVE 'decided' to do something when, in reality, we're only trying it on for size. We call ourselves something to see if it feels right and to see how other people react. We start looking around at what might actually be involved in becoming this new professional. We haven't really decided. We're just fixin' to get ready.

You can learn from my mistakes. Decide YOU ARE a coach.

Meanwhile, 5M is having frustrating dreams about hockey players. Here's my coaching tip if you're getting into these situations. You have to train yourself to identify when you are dreaming. Then when things start to go wrong, like the hockey player says he needs to get some "stuff", you can magically make the "stuff" appear so the hockey player stays. You can also use this technique to turn a fall off a cliff into flying around your city.

5M also tells us that Pool Guy really isn't her "type". When I say that someone isn't my type, it generally means I find them to be either a) loud and obnoxious or b) overweight. I suspect though that when a woman says a man isn't her type it's more nuanced than that.


Anonymous said...

She ain't MY type either. No hard feelings (of any sort).

Anonymous said...

And, by the way, remember it's a small town...and a very very small neighborhood. So....if you're not prepared to swim, don't jump into the deep end! Need I say more???

6th Apostle said...

Hey Nony,

I think you need to say more. I have no idea what your swim metaphor is supposed to mean. But then, I've always been weak on understanding metaphors.

5th Muse said...

For the record, there was no jumping in any deep end that I recall. Perhaps your pride is wounded and you are lashing out. Perhaps you have an oppositional disorder.

5th Muse said...

Oh and ... the lack of hard feelings ... I'm glad you told us ... 'cause I think it would have been hard to tell...

4th Dwarf said...

I don't know if "you're not my type" would be my worst thing to hear.

I'm pretty used to "you're too short" now, but I think "you smell bad" would bother me.

Comments on my snogging skills or lack of generosity would also wound.

Of course, there's also the rejection line that makes you realize it's all for the best. "You're not manipulative enough for me" is my favourite from my personal history. "You don't have enough emotional and cognitive disability" was another good one.