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ESI males suspected of voter fraud

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Conch Shell said...

The Black Cloud brilliant thesis advisor looks at 5M's blue-collar boyfriend and later remarks, "he looks like a fun boyfriend." 5M is left to wonder, what does this mean? Compliment or ...?
1. - Black Cloud is jealous and fucked up, because he can't be fun, because he's too uptight and wanky and dryly witty and deeply feeling the angst of modern life, that he looks at a man who appears light and easy-going, and he fleetingly wishes he could enjoy life like that.
2. - Fun: empty slapstick humour reminiscent of childhood. So he could mean, "he looks like an imbecile."
3. - it is a sexual reference, as in, "clearly you're using him for physical gratification."
4. - realizing that everyone in the discipline is way too po-mo, he simply means, nice to have the balance of someone who enjoys simple pleasures.