It's a new day

Photograph copyright National Center for Atmospheric Research Digital Media CatalogI find it interesting how we all want to share our experience of learning of the 9/11 destruction and how quickly we realized "everything's changed".

The man who made the "Arab brothers" remark shows that it wasn't the same change for everyone. I imagine that fellow already lived in a scary world.

Two highly interesting commentator developments:

Bridgehead Phoenix - I'm curious as to what flames Computer Guy is rising from. He's introduced himself with a nicely layered paragraph.

Kyle Foley - a poetry spammer! who knew that such people existed? sort of the digital version of the lcp and those folded 8.5"x11" sheets.

Back to Musie's Issues
5M has mentioned a couple of times lately that she's looking for someone with a high emotional quotient (EQ). I suspect a discussion on this topic would have people on various sides. (The Wikipedia entry on EQ has one of their "The neutrality of this article is disputed" warnings.) I thought I'd take an EQ test, but I'm halfway through and it just doesn't have options I can go with:

A work colleague does something that angers you. A month later the two of you spend some time together Response:
  • Make a statement by walking away
  • Let it go. The time has passed to talk about it
  • Get your anger off your chest. You’ll feel better
  • In a calm and forceful way, explain what made you so angry

Where's "run him through with your cutlass the instant he first catches your ire"? I guess I've got an Emotional Quotient that's off the chart.


Conch Shell said...

One thing comes to mind I'd like to share, from those much more qualified than me. Shortly after 9/11/01, a multifaith group of esteemed religious leaders, both Muslim and Christian, from a country suffering from years of terrorism and retribution, wrote to President Bush:

“Having shared the terrible experiences of our people ... who have gone through great suffering because of the blind violence perpetrated by unscrupulous armed men, we can understand very well the extent of the threat of terrorism, often sponsored by certain States which deserve strong recrimination internationally. Terror inflicted on any human being in any part of the world is a wound inflicted on the whole of humanity . . .
Our own experience these years has taught us that, no matter the magnitude of the injury, patient negotiations, peaceful means of pressure and a spirit of sincere forgiveness can bear better fruits in building a civilisation of peace worldwide. When we are tempted to think that the use of force is the only possible means for the resolution of a difficult conflict, we are reminded that "what is impossible to man is possible to God".
Your Excellency, do convey our sincere condolences, prayers and best wishes to the President of the US and the whole of the American people, together with our brotherly request for restraint and wisdom at this hour in which the future of the whole world is at stake.”

Agatha said...

Too bad shrubhead didn't listen to this message.

4th Dwarf said...

Oh, oh, we're getting political. I think someone should take us in another direction before Coyote gets frightened.

And why not have it be, with a Simpsons quote that came to mind after reading 5M's latest:

Homer: Which one's Selma, again?

Marge: She's the one who likes Police Academy movies and Hummel figurines, and walking through the park on clear autumn days.

Homer: Oh, yeah yeah yeah. But I thought she was the one that didn't like to be ... you know ... touched.

Marge: It's Patty who chose a life of celibacy. Selma simply had celibacy thrust upon her.

-- "Principal Charming (7F15)

Conch Shell said...

4D, you just couldn't handle the God references.

coyote said...

Frightened? Moi? I have no problem slagging President Shrubhead. Or any of his evil minions.