The coyote chronicles

So I've been sniffing about the hideously-named blogiverse these past couple of days, finding much new stuff. (I'm a very curious coyote. Apparently with waaaay too much time on my paws...) Some of it was laid open to me by Occidental Girl, who until now has been a lurker on the Muse's site. (I've already admitted elsewhere that I'm not a techie coyote -- comes of being a prehistoric/mythical/animistic kinda canine -- but you can look her up over there.) Glad ya came out, by the way, OG -- from the Occidental Tourist, you seem like a nice virtual person, and you in turn have sent me trotting by Snowball in Hell. Who also seems like a nice virtual person, by 'virtue' of posting a really good recipe for stovetop chocolate oatmeal cookies.

Dear me. One paragraph and I'm already digressing. Assuming I even started with the intended topic. It's that damned doggy attention span... and we won't even go into the whole gratuitous use of parentheses thing.

Oh yeah, I remember now. Also in my recent travels, I came across this BBC interview with the gentleman who built the world's first web page, dog's years ago. He mentions how gratified he is that blogging seems to be enabling new forms of literate creativity. This interests me, because we purport to run a creative (meta)blog here. Well, at least a little outside of the norm, anyway.

Our Muse so far has proved receptive to the week's revelations. I like to think that this shows a certain flexibility on her part. Others have wondered about 'creepy'. Still others have wondered whether this blog's time is now over. To them, I'd have to say that to our own certain knowledge we've jumped the shark at least three times already. Wearing the full Brylcreem, leather jacket and water skis ensemble. Yoohoo! Still here! We honestly don't know what happens next, either.

But I think that what I want to underline here is that blogging is a creative medium. Creative. Not destructive. In fact, we practice a certain respect. It's certainly a long shot from anything like reverence or utter seriousness, but it is respect nonetheless. So, when some of ya need remindin' of your manners from what certain of my cowboy, ummm, acquaintances call a no-good, low-down, belly-crawlin' coyote, well, look in the mirror and draw your own conclusions. Or a really ridiculous magic marker moustache.


The Chair said...

Hello old friends. I see lots has been going on since I was last here.

I'm glad you're getting out to see the larger Blog-i-verse, Coyote. I've been exploring such realms. There really is a world of creativity out there, albeit some more creative than others. But that's part of the fun when you get to some really choice finds.

And great post by the way. Now that there is likely going to be a few more readers lurking in the ESI's shadow, including Musie herself, I hope that level of respect can be maintained.

On the topic of Musie's site, it seems that she doesn't have the same problem the ESI's have with voter fraud. If my memory serves me right, every poll we conducted always had about twice as many votes as we had readers. This played no small part in me having to leave office. Looking at Musie's crowd, they don't even seem to want to vote. It's a cynical blogworld electorate.

Now, I better stop before the Content Review Task Force gets on my case for self-referential / maudlin behaviour. Who made them sheriff anyway?

Conch Shell said...

It was a bloodless coup -- they seem to control the military.