Cover Blown at Spins'N'Needles

I'm sad to report that Aggie and I won't be able to do any more undercover fieldwork. Yes, the muse saw right through our disguises.

It started before I arrived with me asking a lass on the sidewalk fer the time. As she gave it to me, I realized, that's no lass, 'tis the wee she-demon! And she had a grin on her face that made me think she saw right through my disguise.

But alas, as I was working on some wee stars and Aggie was working on a collage of her trip to the Riviera, the 5M herself came along, gave us a picture she'd drawn and engaged us in conversation.

But you know, my mistake was wearing the wrong disguise. Rather than a dog costume, I should have worn my rabbi outfit.

She REALLY wanted me to be coyote

We cleared up her confusion over the mistaken identification and had a fine little chat.

She went away for awhile and then came back to give us this note:

I'm not really sure what she's getting at here, but was too frightened to ask

Not many men turn out to the Spins'n'Needles. Miss Grafton drew a picture of one. There was also a table full of men working through their issues by making collages in scrapbooks. Now I should probably have practised carving on whalebone because that's what a sailor does when he wants to turn his artistic side to the world, but I thought why not try out this collaging. Here's my effort at working through my issues.

When 5M finally left with fellow bloggers Minty and Lana, she gave us this parting message:

Oh, Coyote, she wants to meet you, bad!

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