Dear metafriends,
We all know that the esteemed Chair is someone we shall always look up to, or sit down on. His legacy, his fine legs, strong back, comfortable demeanor have allowed us to all rest easy here on this site. It was Chair's decision to relinquish his role. A great leader he is, preferring to step aside than to rule with a questioning and troubled heart. I believe he feels his tapestry is weakened, and if he doesn't spend some time mending, we could fall through his seat.
BUT -- many a great leader has resigned to come back yet stronger. Chair shall re-emerge, and perhaps, at first, we won't recognize him when he does.
I have watched and learned from The Chair. I have travelled seas wide, sharing space with leaders and peasants, the oppressed and the oppressors. I was part of the founding club. And like Belinda, I am parachuting into this new role. But, ofcourse, the job may return to the Chair if he decides to re-emerge after his self-appointed break.
In the end, Heisenbergate will be just a tiny spot in the the chapter of Chair's legacy.
I am here to serve, to tread lightly, and to encourage my fellow blog men and women in their excellence, both ethically and practically. To help provide voice to the voiceless.
It is an honour and a priviledge,
I remain,
At your service,


6th Apostle said...

I would like to congratulate the Conch Shell Chair for showing compassion and understanding regarding her predecessor’s decision. I believe she is the example of virtue this metablog so greatly desires. I suppose I should introduce myself, and I wish to apologize for my earlier interjection before truly introducing myself to such an eclectic and knowledgeable group of individuals.

My close friends call me Nathaniel. You can call me 6A. While doing a google vanity search on “martyrs”, I seemed to have stumbled across your site. I, too, like this 5M you speak of, have had similar tribulations, such as being flayed alive for my missionary work in Armenia. I see this 5M has many challenges ahead in finding converts to this righteous path she sows. If I am so welcome, I wish to stay a while and perhaps contribute to this most interesting discussion.

The Independent Election Observer said...

After detailed scrutiny, I hereby declare the nomination of Conch Shell to the position of Chair to be free and fair.