ESI verdict for the 5M this week


Corrie said...

All I can say to poor Rhoda is: I wouldn't radiate Mary's inner happiness if I had to wear a headscarf like that, either.

The lesson according to Wag: Headscarves, like black cars, really do look better in the shade. Preferably DEEP shade, like the bottom of a steamer trunk hidden in a corner of the attic, or at the very least, buried and forgotten at the back of someone's closet.

As for the most obvious difference between soggy little lemon squares and those magnificent biscotti (where DO you come up with these award-winning images, dear Apostle?), need I say more? 5M: take heed.

Agents A and O of the CRTF said...

Report of the Content Review Task Force: Week ending July 22, 2005

Overall, the CRTF is impressed with the Elgin Street Irregulars ability to maintain a cogent and relevant discussion in the absence of postings by 5M.

There are however areas of concern:

Coyote: You are a canine of depth and your ruminations on the connections between 5M's soul and the spirit world add texture to this metablog. Perhaps you should leave the typographical corrections to the CRTF. At this time we will not be taking action on your frequent use of puns

4D: Fine cartooning last weekend, but no one wants to hear about your biscotti and no one cares about the size of your coffee cup.

Agatha: Nice recipe, but a link to the site you stole it from would save you a copyright violation and spare unnecessary reading for the people who come here to discuss the 5M.

Westborowag: There is some evidence that you do not in fact hate to be a "self-referential egocentric". But the ESIs do need someone with your legal knowledge to keep them out of serious trouble.

6A: A man of your spirituality should know better than to encourage the 4th Dwarf. We would also expect someone with a direct line to the omniscient to not misquote the Mary Tyler Moore Theme. (it's "take a nothing day")

Conch Shell: The CRTF was about to start an investigation into why you've commented so little and started no posts since returning from your little adventure tour. Your comment-turned posting was a strong pre-emptive move to prevent this inquiry. Still, an image or two might have been a nice addition.

Independant Observer: A little light on the comments this week, but the Mercer and Vanelli bits were well done. The Metablog owes you a debt for keeping the Canadian-Content ratio high.

casual-legal-confidante/Some Sort of Legal Type: Don't think you'll escape CRTF attention, Ms. Wag, with such transparent noms de plume.

4th Dwarf said...

6A, I don't seem to recall anyone other than you saying that 5M should be more like Mary and less like Rhoda. Unless that's what Waggie meant about the head scarf and Coyote about the self awareness.

I always thought I'd rather spend time with Rhoda. There'd me more laughs and I could be more myself.

{Note to CRTF: I'll have you know there are those who are mighty curious about my biscotti and the size of my coffee cup. As we say at the salt mine, "put it up yer shaft."}

Agatha said...

Agent A, I'll have you know, that Lemon Square recipe has been passed down in my family for generations. I'm the first one in the family to publish it.
And 6A, I'd much rather hang with Rhoda, too. And I'd take a nice moist tart lemon square anyday over a dry/soggy tasteless biscotte.

coyote said...

And what do "A" and "O" signify, exactly? Bits from the UPCs on the Froot Loops boxes where ya got your badges? I'm with Dwarfie on this. I'll post whatever moves me at the moment, flagrant corrections and puns included. Try to stop me, (peach) fuzz! Hell, try to find me... and we'll see just how far into the shadow lands your self-appointed quasi-jurisdiction extends! Hahahahahaha!

Agent A said...

Agatha, our apologies. You may want to seek the advice of Westborowag in pursuing an action against this Diana Rattray

Agatha said...

Yes, I figured that little tart would steal the family recipe! She stole my first husband, too...