Rage and fury, revisited...

Okay, so I know she'll probably post later today, whence we can start riffin' on her gig. Until then, though, I wish to explore the flipside of our legal discussion of the past few days. Yeah, rationally, it's a tort, and not the chocolate kind(e). But just now I am interested in where those irrational blog-by shootings of Kwitch and Kwitch's Former Friend come from.

I spoke of rage and fury a couple of days back, and now seems an opportune time to dig in more depth, stead'a just twiddlin' my claws in yellow dust.

Here's the thing: rage and fury are obviously related, but they are different. Rage is hot, and fury is cold. After the amount of time she's invested in this emotional view of these characters, I'd expect it to have become well-aged fury. But clearly, lots of intemperate heat remains.

Now, I've been known to act pretty durn rashly on occasion -- check out my back-catalogue of coyote legends, if you like -- but it often serves some cosmically irresistible practical joke. (We coyotes are kinda suckers for a good prank.)

Revenge, like ire, may best be served chilled. With long, crafty plotting, come-uppance may occur anyway, if my own experiences are anything to judge from. But at least one tries to consider, and dance away from, the up-front deadfalls triggered by thoughtless sprays of rage.

For a person who whittles and worries at nearly every other aspect of her life, it seems out of character to behave so intemperately. Could it be that she sees Kwitch and Kwitch's FF as 'safe' targets for an emotion she fears to use with closer acquaintances? ('safe' being an emotional, rather than a legal, label here) She rigidly, icily controls her actual interactions with these people, counting victory when she doesn't show them what she really feels. That's fury. Then she comes to this virtual space we share, and Etna spews. That's rage.

What consequences of her rage does she fear real life, that she does not fear in her journal? There must be a reason for this carefully hidden dissonance. Although her writings are, as we amply demonstrate, far more public and widespread than her real self, how well she understands this is a question for other times.

What I wanna know right now is, what is the deep source of her rage? How long ago did she find that emotional waterhole? How long has she been sipping its potent alkali? When will she realize it poisons only her, and not those at whom she rails? Oops. Jackrabbit. Gotta go!


4th Dwarf said...

I can't contribute much to a discussion on rage and fury. My expertise lies more with irritability.

Still, you've all got me thinking I should get me'self a wee cat.

The Chair said...

Hey 4D, if you're testing the irritability of the Chair, you've done your work. Wee cat, indeed.

As for the 5M's rage and fury, it seems clear that she is not assertive enough to confront her enemies face on (or in the 4D parlance: Go broadsides with the scurvy dogs (w/o prejudice, of course)

So she blogs her rage. Her problem with K'witch is a symptom of a bigger problem she has with maintaining trusting friendships. K'witch betrayed her at some point, like many of her friends and maybe even her family. Whether it's tied to an unrealistic expectation or, in fact, whether she has been genuinely betrayed by such people, it's difficult to say what is the core issue at play. With K'witch, the whole "slut" thing could represents some unconscious desire of 5M to be a "slut". It's clear in her writing, she definitely has issues when it comes to overtly flirtatious women. It's one of the main issues she has concerning M's behaviour.

In a nod to our legal counsel, I say this in a clinical sense and not in any defamatory context.

Corrie said...

Chair: your clinical analysis is clearly just that. No problem on the defaming front.
I need to start billing for my time.

Agatha said...

Well, I don't know what lies or lurks at the source of 5Ms rage and fury...or the 4D's irritability for that matter! I expect it's one of the bigger emotions--like fear and hurt. If you've read my work, you'll see many a fear-motivated murder. I'm not sure this really gets us any further, though, in solving the mystery of 5M. So, I would like to share with the 5M (and you)the mantra that I've been "working with" lately, and one that I think may be helpful for the 5M. Here are the instructions: Get comfortable in a dimly lit room. Sit on a meditation cushion, a yoga mat or just sit yer' arse down on the chesterfield. Place a candle and a strong hit of bourbon in front of you. Avoid amphetamines. Repeat mantra ten times. Blow out the candle and drink the bourbon. Believe me, you're going to feel good - centred, grounded, and ready to face your demons. Some of you may recognize the mantra as it is derived from an old shanty sung by pirates. Do forgive me if I've subjected you all to this shanty/mantra before:

You can't always get what you want, no!
You can't always get what you want (tell ya baby)
You can't always get what you want (no)
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You get what you need
Oh yes! Woo!

You get what you need--yeah, oh baby!
Oh yeah!

Corrie said...

Fade to black...