Hot musings

The 5M's early morning post was as hot and steamy as summer day in Ottawa - or a cappuccino from the Glebe Java Joint. Having trouble with me similes (arrrr, now 'ya got me doing this pirate thing) this morning.
She's bored with everything sanitized and seems to be wanting to get down with her bad self, embrace the gross/not gross of life. While I fully support these kind of efforts, I worry that putting that sentiment "out there", attracts more pure gross than gross/not gross.


4th Dwarf said...

As hot and steamy as matching broadsides 'tween two 50-gun frigates in the horse latitudes?

Leastways we haven't seen a comment from Evild'r.

The Chair said...

I don't know, Agatha. Between the bouncing cake and the Japanimé character above, I'm worried our site has taken a visual downshift.

How long before we start getting twelve year old girls posting their views on Britney and Kevin's choice of baby names.

Couple this with all the talk of litigation and slander associated with salacious content, will the let's-protect-the-children web-police be soon on our heels in some sting operation.

Agatha said...

Chair, is this your oblique way of asking for more adult cartoon creations from the ESIers - namely the pirate and the detective?

4th Dwarf said...

If that green drink is so horrible that the dark-haired lass spits it back into her glass, why does she keep drinking it?

coyote said...

Hello all -- I've been half-dreaming under a dusty wolf willow in the heat. You have been friskier... and speaking of frisky, our muse has burst back into print in a big way. Rash these last two days, isn't she? Maybe she could consider storing up a touch less angst, and post more regularly.

I'll leave the legal niceties to those of you who are far more qualified. All I know about the subject is that, when howling in rage and fury, one should really conceal names to protect the guilty. 'Guilty' in this case would be those of us prone to thinkin' dark, nasty thoughts, but wishing to avoid legal blowback. After all, any potential 'defence of truth' is a bitch (oops) to prove in this jurisdiction...

Now, other matters: I admit I hadn't much considered the possibility that 5M's epistles are a totally necessary therapeutic outlet, in the absence of other, ummmm, earthier ways of blowing steam, but it's lookin' to me like the girl needs, absolutely, to blog. She may also need an array of other, less public outlets, pronto. As even Stephen Harper must be realising by now, frustration is a really bad point of departure when speaking on record.

Perhaps we should send some calming waves out over this light-speed ether. Repeat after me:
(In matters of the (great) spirit, we coyotes tend to be eclectic rather than ecclesiastical.)

Which brings me, however tangentially, to a final observation, Dwarf. Evild'er probably ain't sniffin' around 'cuz he doesn't have a hot clue what to do with actual, Honest-to-God (snort...) horniness. Our muse ain't really the kinda girl to lie back, shut eyes, think of Queen & country, and procreate good little social conservatives to stock the offishul Born-Again Breeding Programme, is she? Poor Evild'er. He must be shocked as, uh, Hell.

coyote said...

And Oh, Hey! When did we post the 'Hello Kitty Free Zone' sign, Chair? I'm not sure I agree with this. I welcome kitties. They're especially tasty garnished with a saskatoon coulis...

Corrie said...

Saskatoon Coulis! From one Westerner to another (the rest CANNOT understand), may I commend your good taste!

Although I tend to substitute blueberries for saskatoons out here in this tasteless eastern smog-centre, your ramblings about coulis-smothered kitty makes me yearn for clear blue, big prairie skies and home-made cookin'.

And THAT, my dears, is what 5M may REALLY need. Yes,yes, yes, clearly she needs some sex...but how's a bout a warm and drippy blueberry pie, or some raspberry jam cooked up in the summer kitchen? In that spirit, and knowing full-well I risk facing the wrath of the Chair, who feels our content and drawings are slipping into something less than the dignified, dramatic prose he envisions, I offer up:
(Warning***the following recipe is for amusement purposes only; any food-poisoning or other stomach-upset issues resulting from the unathorized and/or untalented usage of this recipe for real-life eating purposes are hereby the sole problem of the user***)
[not that I'm paranoid and overly-legal-brained or anything] --

Rhubarb Pie for the 5M
2T flour
1/2 C white sugar
2-1/2 C chopped rhubarb
1 egg lightly beaten
2 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp lemon rind
1 T. butter
Mix sugar and flour. Sprinkle 1/4 mixture over bottom pie crust (recipe to follow at a later date, depending on demand). Add rhubarb. Mix egg, juice, rind, butter and remainder of sugar mixture. Pour over pie. Cover with top pastry. Bake 15 min. at 450 F. then lower to 350 for 45 minutes.

Cool, cut, add vanilla icecream, and eat, whilst howling at the prairie moon. Or whatever.

Agatha said...

While I would happily stuff all those delightful ingredients into one of those handy store-bought frozen pie crusts, I'm sure the 5M would get a lot of pleasure out of working the dough. And, do you have this recipe in chocolate?