Good to have her back

'Tis good to have the wee lass back postin' t'er blog once again. Any pirate can sympathize with her feeling of being in a fog. Starin' into the void never knowing if the next moment ye'll cross rigging with a 64-gun man'o'war or find yerself on a lee shore.

Best to just lower yer sails 'n wait for the sun to burn it off. As it always does.

And she needs to sort out her heart?


Meanwhile, Mr. Heaney has shown himself to be a true scholar of human nature. Seein' the pitfalls and pleasures of a union between a pirate and detective as he does. Although, I must quibble with his suggestion a self-respectin' bucanneer would favour "Treasure Island", why the pirates in that tale were bested by a young boy!

But where do you suppose he got the idea for a match between a man of the sea and a woman investigator? Any thoughts, Agatha?


Agatha said...

I don't how Heaney would come up with such a "random" idea, 4D...Oh, believe me, I've tangled riggin' with pirates like you in my youth! But these days, high tea and a Guardian Unlimited are all this old Dame needs.
Now - the 5M. Well, I am certainly familiar with fog, too, particularly of the London sort, and I'm not speaking of the brand of my trenchcoat. There are things to be learned in the fog. When driving, one is supposed to slow down and turn off those high beams. You can't expect to see a lot ahead of you, but if you can see about 6 inches ahead of you, you're doing just fine. I think if the 5M just slowed down a bit, lowered those expectations of extended vision just wee bit, and embraced the mystery of fog, she'd be just fine. As Al Pacino says in Any Given Sunday "because that is what LIVING is.
The six inches in front of your face."
Now, shall we get the 5M birthday countdown going, Chair?

4th Dwarf said...

Should we chip in and send her a present?

coyote said...

And what, pray tell, Dwarf, is this metablog? I think of it as a gift... one must often wait for the best presents, no?

Today's post is interesting. Having (in her mind, at least) backed off from the chaos of her relationship with M., she now finds herself in a veritable whirl of Fringe festival, family issues, teaching, thesis. Some of us could make a case that, having recently reduced the drama quotient in her life, she now approaches things in such a way as to synthesize the major adreneline hit she so briefly lacked.

Sometimes old habits are not so easily shed as we think -- they creep back in disguise.

The Independent Observer said...

Ahh, so the reports of the 5M's demise are, thankfully, greatly exaggerated. (Though we're still not sure about the alien abduction.) In the spirit of saluting her return, let us fondly recall some of the other memorable comebacks in recent history:

(*) Elvis, written off as a has-been of the early rock era, delivers a stunning 1968 performance in Las Vegas.

(*) Pierre Trudeau, defeated in the 1979 federal election, sweeps the Liberals back into power with a thunderous, "Well, welcome to the 1980s!"

(*) Lasse Viren, a Finnish policeman, picks himself up after falling halfway through the 10,000 metres at the 1972 Olympics and not only goes on to win, but sets a world record of 27 minutes, 38.4 seconds.

(*) Three pets, a Labrador retriever, bull terrier, and Siamese cat, are stranded hundreds of kilometres from their family but overcome many obstacles as they traverse the Canadian wilderness to return home.

The Chair said...

Good ole' Minty rings in with the usual pragmatic advice to the 5M regarding birthday reflections.

5M needs to surround herself with more of the likes of Minty. Positive energy people. The thing is, she tends to gravitate to the intellectual, pensive crowd. They'll never get you out of your funk.

What was that Bugs Bunny saying? Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive.

Francis said...

To answer your question, 4D: I like pirates and detectives, basically.

4th Dwarf said...

Arr, Francis, all right then. Who can blame ye.

But should you not be toilin' away at yer puzzles?