Addressing the Silence

Agatha and Conch Shell have certainly picked a good time to be away from the web, 5M is virtually silent.

I have a hypothesis I would like to extend. (Even though you all hooted down my suggestion the other night that Bill Clinton might have actually been in love with Monica L).

What if things are hot and heavy between 5M and the lcp? Could it be that the lcp has told 5M that he doesn't want their relationship blogged? If this is the big thing going on for 5M, she would have nothing else to write about. Perhaps the lcp saw the "Don't go looking for me to disappoint you" posting and didn't realize we'd find it flattering.

If so, what does this say about the lcp?

Is he just doing what any right-thinking serious, relationship-minded fella would do?

Or is he stifling the 5M's creativity? Blocking her from the artform at which she excells? Essentially become her anti-muse?


Agatha said...

Interesting theory, 4th Dwarf. I know that Coyote's eyes are sharper at night, but I believe he did have a daylight siting of the 5M and M on Wednesday. My sense is that she's regressed and is unable to write about it.

coyote said...

Well, people, she's finally posted.

And it seems the lcp, obviously having read her blog, has warned her that she's 'not all that anonymous.'

She replies that she doesn't worry, bcause she's "not all that interesting'

To the lcp: No f*ing kidding!

To 5M: You'd be amazed at what some misfits (mentioning no names, of course) find interesting...

4th Dwarf said...

Coyote, the full quote was "I'm not that interesting, but hey - Dave - I'm not crazy either. {emphasis added}

I have excellent back channel information that the irregulars will be buying beer for their law student friend.

coyote said...

Uhyeah. I caught that.

4th Dwarf said...

Agatha, I do hope you haven't picked up that black lung bug I had. If you get a sharp sore throat, I strongly recommend gargling salt water.

However, if it's combined with an uncontrollable cough, gargling is a bad idea. (Unless you want dried drops of salt water all over your bathroom walls and mirror, which might not be an obvious result of doing it if you've woken up at 3am because of the uncontrollable cough and aren't fully conscious when you gargle.)

For the uncontrollable cough, a hot shower is like magic.

5M seems content today, however there are hints that there may have been more turbulence in her life than she is letting on.

As for your bower requirements, I think I've found the perfect vessel.