Why Coyote is wrong for the 5M

A quick comment on this week's poll for all of you who voted for Coyote. It is true that Coyote has the poetic soul that would be appealing to the 5M. She would undoubtedly fall for his furry little head, his pointy snout and his charming yowl. However, I think her latest musings on what "fun" means to her - a kind of goal-oriented "Fun that is part of a larger quest for good" - are completely outside of Coyote's schema. Coyote's sense of fun transcends all of these trappings.
I think the Belinda match might be interesting for a while. She is rediscovering her feminist roots, so a little lesbianism for political reasons might be just what the doctor ordered.
The lcp, however, seems to be the most promising match at the moment. Her account of the "Don't go looking for me to disappoint you" conversation shows a kind of yoda-like wisdom that I didn't know the lcp had.


4th Dwarf said...

I'll have to agree with you, Agatha. The lcp came off well in that conversation.

And 5M has identified something important "people can't really articulate their values".

I wonder if she'll apply that idea to articulations about herself.

The Chair said...

Yes, Agatha, I can't disagree with your analysis but I think the big issue here is what is best for 5M.

As Buckaroo Banzai once said: No matter where you go, there you are.

For 5M, we could similarly translate this to: No matter whom you date, there you whine.

As much as I have a certain fondness for 5M, I do think she qualifies as high maintenance with all of that introspection and angst. Coyote would be the only grounded candidate to choose from the list. Belinda is as fickle politically, as the 5M is romantically. Very unstable equilibrium. We all know the modus operandi of the lcp. Peter MacKay...well...I still can't figure out what Belinda saw in him, though that may be some mild jealousy on my part. We've already done an exhaustive review of the M situation.

All this leads to Coyote. Now, as for this being in Coyote's best interest, I'll leave that comment open.

4th Dwarf said...

I just came across this interesting article The Trouble With Self-Esteem By LAUREN SLATER, well timed to follow after your comments on introspection, Chair.

In Japan, there is a popular form of psychotherapy that does not focus on the self and its worth. This psychotherapeutic treatment, called Morita, holds as its central premise that neurotic suffering comes, quite literally, from extreme self-awareness. ''The most miserable people I know have been self-focused,'' says David Reynolds, a Morita practitioner in Oregon. Reynolds writes, ''Cure is not defined by the alleviation of discomfort or the attainment of some ideal state (which is impossible) but by taking constructive action in one's life which helps one to live a full and meaningful existence and not be ruled by one's emotional state.''

coyote said...

As much as I appreciate all of your votes of confidence in my ability to handle, uh, high maintenance relationships, (thankyou, fans!) it does remain to state the glaringly obvious, here: interspecies romance of a physical nature remains downright illegal, immoral and generally frowned-upon in most jurisdictions not harbouring owls, pussycats & beautiful pea-green boats.

4th Dwarf said...

Oh, c'mon, Coyote, don't be playin' the species card, fer the love of Neptune.

Ye're a darn sight better than the other talkin' dogs the lass has tangled riggin' with.

coyote said...

And, talkin' dog or not, apparently a durn sight less interested in tangling rigging. In the highly unlikely event that the bare possibility of squiring a certain m*se became an option, I believe I'd high-tail it. We coyotes know a thing or two 'bout stylish high-tailin', too, buckaroo.

Agatha said...

I thought coyotes were a low-tailing sort. Besides, as Coyote well knows, tangling rigging would be a serious violation of our charter. Whale-watching is permitted in a controlled environment and in moderation, although strongly discouraged. Just look what happened The Chair! He hasn't been the same since.

The Chair said...

In the lexicon of 4th Dwarth: I'd be no Capn' Ahab about 'tis whale-tail[sic].

5th Muse said...
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