5M Heading Home

Based on a quick look on the bus schedule, I expect 5M will hit the downtown Toronto bus station at 7:30 tonight.

Another teasing post. I'm drawing a blank on the PL who knows the poet. What did 5M tell PL, I wonder. What did PL say about the poet?

What happened to the blogger who used to tell us which guys "went south" and used the C-word on coworkers?

As for the famous Montreal poet who had an affair with her playwright... Are we supposed to guess Leonard Cohen, just like if it had been with a Prime Minister it could only be Trudeau?

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coyote said...

Which 'famous Montreal poet' would hinge on which theatrical era our m*se finds thesis-worthy. If, for instance, she wanted to hearken back to someone Irving Layton boffed, that would narrow the field not a whit. Reliable word (& boastful self-confession) more than suggest that he tried it on with practically every female within leering distance. And he had a hell of a long-distance leer.

'Course, Lenny had quite a players' rep at one time, too. Actually, still does. Not bad for a geriatric Zen Buddhist...