Isabella Street Bloblaws is Back

We can confirm that Mayor Jim Watson did indeed show up to cut the ribbon. As if you had to ask.
The Isabella Street branch of a national grocery chain styled under the corporate identity of something very much like "Bloblaws", felicitously located past the Queensway overpass at the south end of Elgin Street, has returned with its walls kicked out and gussied up, and its consumer mojo intact, after being MIA for the past four months.

We can confirm, as eyewitnesses, that Mayor Jim Watson indeed showed up to cut the ribbon, ahead of a lineup that ran out to Metcalfe Street - and beyond.  And that our much-maligned tail got stomped again, in the frenzied crowd of shoppers stocking up on re-opening specials.

We can also confirm that they still sell the really very good President's Choice tomatillo salsa verde, unreasonably beloved of coyotes everywhere, for a regular price of $2.99 for a 430 mL jar.

This is greatly welcome, since the nearest alternate purveyor of said comestible,  Hartman's YIG, jacked the stuff up to a off-the-peg insane, ummm, slightly unreasonable, price of about double that, sometime shortly after PC added a near imperceptible soup├žon of lime juice to the recipe, and a quasi-swanky-lookin' black background to the paper label pasted to the outside of the jar. So, obviously worth it.

We wish Hartman's luck with that.  Us coyotes will happily revert to shopping elsewhere, further south and slightly east.

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