"Spin": not the same as "Rinse"

It has come to my (increasingly) jaundiced yellow coyote eye that HarperCo,  feeling (increasingly) singed under the (increasingly) lampoonable The Harper Government (™®©) brand, has lately been  trying what one would expect of persons that rely more on spin, respin, and re-re-spin, than on intelligent policy:  semi-stealthily trying to rebrand itself as Canada's Founding Party.  

Hey, nothing distracts an electorate curling its lip at the fragrant kind of openness, transparency and hyperpartisan overentitlement that leads straight to, well, DuffsterCluck and thence to the PMO slamming its door in the public's face. Except maybe callin' in makeup to respackle and respin that ol' pig.  Again.

Guess they haven't learned much from the mistakes of the country's former Natural Governing Party, except to rewrite 'em as cartoons.  Sadly for them, "spin" ain't quite "rinse".

Set aside for the moment the fact that the current Conservative Party reads as more Reform usurper than Tory. Which makes its claim to be the sole legit license holder for all those tacky souvenir Sir John A. MacDonald shot glasses and beer mugs, ummm, debatable in some circles.

Which somehow segues, with our usual cement-mixer-like grace, to how all us semi-mythical coyotes have been amusing ourselves this summer. We've been playing that meme-ish word game in which one removes a letter or two from a book, movie or play title, to arrive at a different better title.  Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven becomes The Rave, f'rinstance, which I picture to be about goths being bricked into a warehouse where a DJ is spinning really dark tunes.  Frank Herbert's Dune becomes Dun, a really, really long, dull science fiction epic. And Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus becomes Tits Andronicus.  Whom I see as a 40s noir private eye who holsters her gat  in her stocking top.

I digress. It's not hard, with my attention span. Where the hell was I?

Right.  Seeing this "Canada's Founding Party" gag in that light, I figure that a bunch of PMO staffers a few Fridays back got squiffled on two-for-the-price-of-one lite American beers after work while brainstorming - using the term loosely - how to hose down and hotwax that increasingly soiled bus that so many expendable bodies have been thrown under, lately..

So it's not hard for a coyote to rediscover the title from which they were trying to depart:  "Canada's Foundering Party."

There.  Fixed that for you . . . much better.

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