The City is going to metaconsult!

Public Service Announcement from the City of Ottawa:

PSA: City aims to improve how it engages the public
The City of Ottawa is reaching out to residents this spring in order to improve how staff consults with individuals and groups on important issues.
Guidelines to improve how City staff engages the public are being drafted and the City needs to know:
  • what you think.
  • where you want to be reached.
  • how you want to be consulted.
There will be four bilingual community consultation sessions held between March 25 and April 16. For those who cannot attend a consultation session but still want to contribute, a survey and ideas campaign will be available on ottawa.ca between March 25 and April 19, 2013.
All community consultation sessions run from 7 to 9 p.m.
  • March 25
    City Hall
    Colonel By Room
    110 Laurier Avenue West
  • April 3
    Orleans Client Service Centre
    Room 340
    255 Centrum Boulevard
  • April 10
    John G. Mlacak Community Centre
    Hall D
    2500 Campeau Drive
  • April 16
    Walter Baker Sports Centre
    Food Court
    100 Malvern Drive
To register for one of these sessions, go to ottawa.ca, call 3-1-1 or visit any Client Service Centre.
For more information on public engagement at the City of Ottawa go to ottawa.ca.
Update: David Reevely says: This is actually a good idea. It’s absurdly easy to make fun of, but look, they suck at this and they’re trying to get better.


coyote said...

The city is planning consultations on how to plan consultations?

I wonder if they'd hire this blog as a consultant?

4th Dwarf said...

It's a bit late, but we could still give them advice on how best to run this process.

We'll just have to decide whether we call it a "meta-consulting consulting" or "meta-meta-consulting".

Should we take a poll on this topic?

coyote said...

Well meta, sir.

Poll that sucker!

coyote said...

...and by the way, don't think I didn't notice that you're consulting me about whether to consult our readers on how to run a consultancy on consulting...