Yarn Bombing in Ottawa: Think Woollier!!!

What with all the excitin' yarn bombing news this past weekend, us coyotes stood back and waited, figuring that well-known Knitnut, Zoom, or the Irregulars' own Aggie and/or Woodsy - none of whom is a stranger to craftiness - would pick up the thread and run with it.

Instead, Zoom blogged about the parties she missed, Aggie is still well south of whichever end of the earth she fell off of, and Woodsy was doubtless being very sweet to a tree, somewhere in the trackless forest.

Ergo, it falls to certain highly-qualified coyotes to stitch together this unreliable narrative. Let the record show that our sole experience with needles involves tranquilizer darts and rabies shots. Long story. Don't ask. I digress.

Where were we? Oh yeah. Yarn bombing. So, a weekend update from CBC News hits an intrepid group of Ottawa yarn bombers who plan to do a bus in September. Impressive, even if it's just a ParaTranspo shortie, right?

But wait, Ottawa! A short trawl through the netz turns up the fact that a similarly-inclined group in Whitehorse, Yukon - population rather shy of 25,000 - has already done an entire freakin' passenger airplane.

Did I mention that Whitehorse has fewer than 25,000 people living in it?

So not to slight the locals of the million-plus National Capital Region, but maybe they should start thinking in more, ummm, grandiose terms. I mean, if this city ain't the capital of Canada, as well as of woolly thinking, then my fuzzy butt is bald as the prairie from whence I sprang.

So on behalf of the Elgin Street Irregulars, I make this modest proposal: let's pour both kinds of woolly thinking together into the ol' blender*, hit frappé, and do Parliament. It's the kind of woolly parliamentary thinking we can finally get behind...

* The blender will likely come in even handier later. When we need to whizz up the many frosty drinks we shall require to fortify ourselves, throughout.


zoom said...

Well, that would certainly be an interesting twist, since Parliamentarians are usually trying to pull the wool over OUR eyes.

coyote said...

That bunch are all mutton dressed up as lamb, ma'am...

Woodsy said...

Knitting and purling away... I am thinking rainbow colours - our PM will approve, right?

coyote said...

I'm sure he will. I'm pretty certain his hair is a synthetic yarn of some sort. Maybe Phentex?