What friends are for

Us semimythical coyotes are best known for our affinities. It will come as small surprise to any who have followed this metablog over the years that our main affinities are cats and chocolate, in approximately that order.

Although in point of fact they may sound worlds apart, they share many of the same attractions - if you're a semimythical coyote with a teensy, unfortunate penchant for gluttony.

Woodsy, iconoclastic wood nymph and fellow Elgin Street Irregular, knows these things. Which is why, amid a quantum multiverse of cheap chocolate bunnies, she made it her business to find a fine dark chocolate cat of superior quality. In the accompanying illustration, you may note a distinct absence of any artistic representation of a pair of long, floppy bunny ears. Also a welcome not-thereness of the light brown, waxy ersatz-milk-chocolate-sheen, so familiar to every Easter celebrant who prefers hollow-moulded chocolate to hard-boiled eggs of improbable colour, or them (pretty much inedible) Marshmallow Peeps, also of improbable colour.

I was greatly touched by Woodsy's kind gesture. And because of this, upon reception, I observed the proper social niceties, which are exactly the same in the case of both chocolate and regular cats.

I thanked her profusely. Then I chomped that sucker's head.

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Woodsy said...

Dear Coyote, only the best for a connoisseur comme vous - you deserve the best of cats and chocolate!