Ottawahenge or Ottawagate?

Here's something odd...

On November 30, Trevor Pritchard over at Ottawa.openfile announced a photo contest for photos of the sun setting on Sparks Street to be taken between then and December 5. The prize for the winner would be $75 and a featured spot on their blog.

Early on December 5, Pritchard announced the contest deadline would be extended to December 9 because of cloudy weather.

Later on December 5, our own Coyote posted a photo of the sun setting on Sparks Street taken that day titled "A line runs through it". Coyote's photo shows no clouds in the sky and also shows no other photographers stationed on Sparks Street poised to capture the magic moment.

On December 12, Pritchard announced the deadline would be further extended to midnight on Jan. 13, 2012 because the weather has blanketed the downtown with overcast skies for most of the past two weeks but the sun will be back to setting in the perfect position on January 10.

Pritchard says Openfile has "a desperate need to give away $75", but I wonder how desperate they really are.

We all know Coyote won't actually take the money because it would mean revealing personal information like where he does his banking. But he'd love the attention.


coyote said...

Attention? Moi...? What exactly are you saying, Shorty...?

One small point: shot that Monday post pic Saturday evening. It was allowed under the terms of the original contest, such as they were. There was no sun - none, nada, nil, nix, nihilo - on Monday.

Trevor said...

Hey, thanks for writing about this. And thanks for sending us the photo. (I was actually two streets away that Saturday, on Albert Street, taking a few shots myself.)

"Desperate" was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but we'll definitely be announcing a winner in January.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'd be a little miffed if I were Coyote.

4th Dwarf said...

You or I might be miffed, WC, but our Coyote has a gift for taking the long view and finding the amusing in just about any situation.