Going begging

It was either extensive research, or insomnia last weekend after one too many beavertails on the canal, that led us to the momentous discovery that could lead the Elgin Street Irregulars out of cyber-irrelevance. Or, more likely, allow us to continue to be the self-referential wankers that our regular readers have come to know, and be deeply disturbed by. People, the domain name "ca.ca" is apparently unregistered. Online gold going begging!

Gosh, I don't know about you, but I can think of a ton of business propositions that could hang off that kind of online identity. And three or six political parties, too.

Thank you. I just wanted you to know. That is all.


Aggie said...

For the love of God, BUY it!!

RealGrouchy said...

WHOIS returns: "The domain name provided is on a list of restricted domain names that are not available for registration. Contact CIRA for more information."

- RG>

coyote said...

Sigh. Guess it was inevitable. Them bluenosed prude types scram all the best domain names. And vanity license plates.