I went to International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

...and when I regained consciousness somebody had dressed me up in this goofy outfit. Next time, I'm sending Fourth Dwarf. He deserves it.


Jenna said...

I'm confused.

It was a meta-blog, but why? The wayback machine didn't help. Was someone romantically involved with the subject ("5M")? I read the explanation post but I'm still confused. Are you friends with 5M?

But now it's something else entirely. I understand the poems now. But the rest? Politics? Fashion? I wanted to see if Ottawa had a blog to kick Toronto's ass and this is what I found. Should I keep reading? What is this place?

4th Dwarf said...

Jenna, so far kicking Toronto's ass has not been part of our mandate, but I can put it on the agenda for our next emergency meeting and see if the gang wants to take it on.