It's time for a Google Poem!

* It's time for some planning

* It's time for regions in Nova Scotia to actively promote what they have to the world.

* It's time for a little intelligent dialogue.

* It's time for Change!!!!!!!

* It's time for the Jewish community to put farber out to pasture and consolidate his organization into another usually more sane voice like B'nai Brith.

* it's time for dinner

* it's time for the Astros to stage a revival.

* It's time for the city to be fully transparent on our tax increases, explain why they're going up, and seek public input on how to rein in spending and expenses.

* Now, it's time for him to stand up and really be a contributor.

* Perhaps it's time for us to swallow our collective pride, and give the guy a decent second chance.

* It's time for Chicago's establishments to step up on behalf of the Bulls.

* And now....., it's time for some damned lies.

* It's time for everyone to help out in its time of need.

* It's Wednesday, so it's time for the Wednesday Minute

* With the US soccer roster named, it's time for Coach Bradley to get to work.

* It's time for Soderling and Roddick to make a move.

* Although most of the Devil's long time veterans still have a good number of years left in them, I think it's time for certain players to move on.

* It's time for Tiger to “lawyer up.”

* It's time for me to scare you.

* it's time for me to log off for a bit.

* After two lovely, if ordinary performances, it's time for Crystal to go big again.

* It's time for REAL CHANGE!

* Maybe one smoke before it's time for me to go?

* It's time for your yearly Comcast Project Infinity video on-demand update

* Hank Haney says in a statement to the Golf Channel that he enjoyed working with Woods but he thinks it's time for him to step aside as his coach.

* It's time for Jewish leaders in Israel, America, and around the world to grapple with the difficult truths of Israel's occupation and its treatment of the Palestinian people

* It's time for President Obama to lead on clean

* It's time for our weekly baseball picks for online MLB betting action.

* it's time for that attitude to change

* It's time for cycling accidents in Ottawa.

* It's time for The Insider's Best and Worst celebs for Tuesday!

* Facebook's Gone Rogue; It's Time for an Open Alternative

* it's time for new window displays!

* it's time for the government to act

* Tired of the run around, maybe it's time for the BBB.

* It's time for war

* Panasonic's KX-TG9300 series DECT phones also boast a talking alarm clock that will tell you when it's time for lunch

* It's time for a little '90s anime nostalgia!

* Now it's time for relaxation. Lie on your back and bring your feet together. Allow your knees to splay apart. You can also extend your legs and come into corpse pose

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Anonymous said...

Now I get it! It took me a couple posts to figure out what it all meant, but I've seen the light. It's a bright light. You're a bright light. Very nice. Very clever. I like it.