Mannequin Monday

I am going to miss these ladies. Although tempted, I am going to resist going in and asking if the "everything must go" sale includes the mannequins.

They are a few of a cast of many that I like to keep an eye on for fashion ideas. There are some who live with mannequins, I just stalk them.

This picture (below) is for Seventh Heathen who like me, finds that some of the mannequins can be disturbingly hot.

The Amazon informed us that she had never noticed the enticing powers of these statuesque sirens of shop windows.

Is there a mannequin that has caught your eye? Send me a picture (I might post it) and add a few words to describe what you find alluring about her or him. Send it to woodsy.nymph@gmail.com


RealGrouchy said...

"Seventh Heathen" - was that intentional or a Freudian slip?

- RG>

coyote said...

Woodsy may be as Freudian as they come, but Seventh Heathen is, in fact, his name...

Woodsy said...

RG, I often like to slip into a little something Freudian, as Coyote mentions, but, Seventh Heathen, is indeed the person's name. He sometimes comments on this blog.

Seventh Heathen said...

A little late noticing this, due to lack of connectivity in the Sunny South Pacific.

Woodsy, you certainly have an eye for the inanimate.

According to Trends In Mannequins Representing Women’s Appeal

"In recent years, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce have inspired larger-bottomed and more curvaceous mannequins. Today, many have tattoos, belly rings, deeper ear canals for hooking in earphones and have grown on average by 3 inches. Lately, sightings of mannequins that resemble women with breast implants have risen.

Mannequins with fake boobs. What's the world coming to?

Woodsy said...

7thH, maybe one day the male mannequins will finally have intact anatomy - no more castratos.

Jen G said...

I don't have a picture, but I recently contemplated some mannequins who were quite well-endowed in the window of a lingerie store on Preston St.

Woodsy said...

Jen G, Good catch. I know the one you mean. I will get a picture, and post it just for you.