Parsing Coyote's negative press

Today's Petfinder story about a hapless Osgoode snowmobiler attacked by an allegedly insane coyote makes for interesting reading. But not necessarily because it justifies the recurring hate-on for my kin, by city councillor Doug Thompson and the local Fish and Game Association.

See, when you tune out the story's chest-thumping quotes, the bald facts of the matter are these: a guy driving a snowmobile used it to mow down a coyote, breaking its legs. Then he finished the job by climbing off and kicking it to death.

Sadly, the coyote, like many of us, may just have been enraged by a hellaciously noisy machine racketing through his turf. Or what was left of it. Possibly the last, literal, straw after getting squeezed out by suburban developers.

Even disregarding for a moment that -

  • The snowmobile in the accompanying photo looks like it ought to be able to outrun pretty much any coyote, even one that's rabid - or mainlining meth - and;
  • The driver seems awfully chuffed about entering his novelty kill in the current "Kack a Koyote for Konservation Kontest™"
- ya might ruminate upon who the real predators are. We coyotes do. Often.


Wandering Coyote said...

That is one f*cking disgusting, offensive photo - and story for that matter.

Woodsy said...

It breaks my heart. It has not been a great time for giraffes and coyotes, but the tigers seem to be doing alright.

coyote said...

Tigers got huge street cred with us coyotes. And coinci-dentally, huge canines. It bears remembering...