Gettin' it? Uh, no

Over a weekend feast of gobbling bird, talk turned to an incessantly played TV commercial for the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis.

You know the one: a man getting ready for work asks his wife a stream of questions: Have you seen my wallet? Have you seen my good shoes?

The man becomes increasingly annoyed, as he appears late and cannot locate any of his things. Finally, he makes his way to the garage to discover his car has a flat tire. His wife sits at the kitchen table in her bathrobe, sporting a quizzical half-smile.

No one at dinner could figure out what was going on in this commercial. Three theories were floated:

(*) One of the side-effects of Cialis is memory loss.
(*) The woman is so tired of being this Cialis-addled man's love slave, she sabotaged all his stuff.
(*) The woman is enjoying her hubby's Cialis-popping ways so much, she never wants him to leave home.

What do you think this ad is about? Or does the company just want us to be confused so random bloggers will ponder all this and inadvertently plug their little yellow pills? Help us out here!


XUP said...

The ad is all about you looking up Cialis to see what it's for since they're not allowed to advertise the drug AND what it does at the same time. They make the ad vague enough so that the scenario looks familiar enough so you think you might be able to use this drug (to help you find your wallet, keep your car in good repair, make women in bathrobes sort of smile.

Bandobras said...

Pay no attention to XUP.
As everyone should know from these and the various blue pill ads women always find a man with an erection so attractive they can't leave them alone. There is no other requirement to gettin some so buy the drug, get hard, and get lucky.
If you spray on some AXE stuff too you will probably be screwed to death by the end of the first day.

Manny Blue said...

To quote Billy Idol, she wants, "more, more, more".