His and Hers - Part II

I am told that it was not obvious why I suspected that the truck belonged to a man. See for yourself...

p.s. I have a new compulsion - I now look under big trucks to see if they are bulls or steers.


Bandobras said...

Well good luck with that everyone needs a hobby.

Anonymous said...

People should wear their spectacles when reading this blog. Because it's a subtle blog. I always wear my spectacles when I come here.

Woodsy said...

Bandobras, you've got your sport
and I've got mine.

XUP, and a sexy spectacle you are too.

coyote said...

Subtle! Somebody thinks we're subtle!

Uh, what does subtle mean...?

4th Dwarf said...


From Definitions of subtle on the Web: elusive: difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze

For example -

"XUP's use of sarcasm was too subtle for Coyote to notice."