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Say, have you been reading this blog for a couple of weeks and wondering why OttawaStart said we were essential reading? It is because every now and then we give you something that you didn't even know you needed and wanted. Like this post.

Did you know that you can get on reality TV right here in Ottawa? You can. Dust off the camcorder, set up the tripod and start rolling your audition tape.

Knight Enterprises is advertising for articulate extroverts:

Are you a chef, designer, funny-man or just all around fantastic person? We are always on the lookout for articulate extroverts with a passion for what they do, if this is you then let us know & you could become the new face of lifestyle television!

Knight produces or has produced:

Mountain Road specializes in home design shows and they are looking for larger than life personalities:

  • Real Estate Rookies - people taking the real estate licensing courses or who are recently licensed real estate agents
  • All or Nothing - home owners with no budget for a makeover
  • Sheltered - a native Canadian carpenter able to travel to Africa and South America
  • The Building Adventures of "Your Names Here" - two people (including at least one woman) who have decided to build a house or cottage together
  • Divide and Design - 2 interior designers who have been through divorce (with each other) to help others going through divorce with their new home design challenges

GAPC Entertainment isn't specifically advertising for reality talent, but they have some shows "in development" that might need your skills. What would it hurt to send them a link to your audition tape on Youtube?

  • Car Crusaders - 13 x 1/2 hours unscripted drama series
  • Shop Therapy - 13 x 1/2 hour lifestyle series
  • Mesmerized - A 13 x 1/2 hour make over series

Insight Productions is not Ottawa based, but they did shoot season 2 of Project Runway Canada here and they are now looking for "real Canadian women" aged 19 and over who reside in Ontario to appear in:

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