Google Poem: Let's Not

* Let's Not Be Fools!

* Let's not be naive.

* Let's not be greedy

* Let's not be afraid to roll our eyes just a little.

* Let's not be unfair.

* Let's not be afraid to tap into that inner reserve of wonder that's known as imagination.

* Ok, let's not be premature with our celebrations!

* Let's not be fussed about appearing as if we are creating conflict to get universal health care, renewable energy, a Global Marshall Plan.

* Let's not be lonely, let's not be strangers. Let's wake up on the same side of the bed today.

* Let's not be afraid of political action.

* Let's not be hasty here, I'm sure there's a perfectly rational reason for this.

* Let's not be distracted by a few wheelbarrows full of cash.

* But let's not be a people who are known for what and who we're against.

* Let's not be timid.

* Let's not be ignorant on the subject.

* Let's not be ridiculous.

* Let's not be too quick to praise Tim Hortons' show of leadership regarding the recycling of paper coffee cups.

* Let's not be too hard on the boy. He's been bowling fantastically well for the last year.

* Let's not be as intolerant as those we criticize! [

* Let's not be too harsh on Cory.

* Let's not be imitations or fakes- we just need to keep it real.

* But while we are at it, let's not follow our pets back into the wild – let's not be like Timothy Treadwell in Grizzly Man

* Let's not be too hard on Courtney Lee.

* But let's not be so sure there isnt a backup plan yet.


* Let's not be so quick to chase Mora out.

* Let's not be so quick to crown Roger the Greatest

* Let's not be anti-intellectual (Jesus and Paul were not).

* We all love to stick it to the corporate Man, but let's not be too hasty or judgmental.

* So let's not be lame about it, there are some things you should know.

* Let's not be so hard on her. ...

* But let's not be any more anthropocentric.

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