Oh. And one more thing:

Today's headlines blare that the erstwhile PM has alleged there was nothing sinister about him glomming cash-stuffed envelopes from sketchy lobbyists. No sir.

Based on the (highly Irish) tenor of some right honourable ummm, gentlemen's past testimony, the Oliphant Commission's lead counsel might wanna next ask the former PM if, by that, he actually meant he only used his right hand to handle them envelopes.

To make real sure this time, y'know, Dexter?

I'm just sayin'...


zoom said...

I love today's tagline:

"Justice is already blind. No need to poke its eyes out, too..."

Anonymous said...

Glomming? That's an interesting word

coyote said...

It is, isn't it?

In this part of the world, "to glom," more or less is to "snatch up with unseemly, leechlike enthusiasm."

Or if you prefer more (semi) official-looking definitions, this.