Llama dramarama, part four: the mouth-watering conclusion

What better way to forget your troubles than a trip to stunning Machu Picchu? Unless, of course, the place is lousy with llamas and you happen to have a morbid fear of the ankle-biting Andean amblers.

After pointed accusations from Cedric ("You knew there would be llamas here, didn't you?!") and several lengthy apologies from me ("I will personally hand-wash your little red hat every night for the next month!"), Cedric calmed down and began to relax.

Especially once he realized no health-conscious llama would ever eat a centuries-old gnome with flat feet and wooden teeth.

Next we work on Cedric's fear of John Baird's hair ... Oh, right, that's my unending phobia ...


coyote said...

Hooray for Cedric!

But I'm thinkin' we've really gotta get to work on the John Baird hair thing, IO. It's been crippling you.

Maybe start some some dry runs with a merkin to build your resistance?

Hannah said...

That picture of John Baird is going to give me nightmares for weeks now. Thanks a lot! ;)

xup said...

"Ankle-biting"? Who's the pot and who's the kettle here, Cedric?