Why I Like Chinese Doctors

I have gone to Chinese doctors for a number of years and have been happy with my Chinese medicine experience.

Here are some of the reasons I like Chinese doctors/medicine:

1) You can go to them when your GP isn't really helping. Let's say, you've done all the blood work, the tests, and everything comes out ok. But you still have things like gut problems, energy problems, mild depression -- these are the issues Chinese medicine can deal with effectively!

2) Chinese doctors don't try to be diplomatic. They tell it to you like it is: "You're too fat." "You're too thin." "Don't think so much!" "Stop spending so much time on the computer!" "Your breath stinks". And my personal favourite --- "Don't eat too much garlic! That's not good for the ladies. Causes discharge."

3) Reading the "instructions for use" on Chinese herbal medications is hilarious. I'm currently taking pills for "shrivelled complexion" and another for "wounds, serious or otherwise, sustained from a fall or throw - down from horse back, hurt of tendons and fracture of bones, internal pains by shocks and external swellings, pains by clot of blood, constipation and scantiness of urine, bumping or rod-hitting."

4) Chinese medicine is pretty cheap. Some acupuncturists are covered by work benefits. It's important to stay healthy during these hard times.

5) Chinese doctors don't care about privacy and confidentiality, and there is something really liberating about this. "Come in here and let me give you this constipation medicine...Oh yeah. There is another patient in here, but no problem!" This kind of thing makes me laugh at my own Western uptightness. And laughter is good medicine.


Hannah said...

Um, I think privacy and confidentiality and a modicum of diplomacy are a good thing when it comes to medicine. I really don't want to know about other people's medical problems.

Manny Blue said...

It's a bit of a performance - that's what you like about it my dear Aggie!

Milan said...

In the interests of balance, it is worth noting that serious doubts exist about the medical efficacy of many 'alternative' medical treatments, and even about their safety. Simon Singh's book Trick or Treatment does a good job of going through the scientific evidence that exists about different kinds of 'alternative' therapies.

Aggie said...

Hannah: I love to know about other people's problems!
Manny: You are on to me...
Milan: I'm a great believer in the placebo effect and I like to live on the edge. But the book looks interesting!

zoom said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!