Dewey Decimal Dame

I bought new reading glasses, and I commented to Fourth Dwarf that I like that when I wear them they make me feel sexy - like Catwoman as a librarian.

"Catwoman wasn't a librarian, Woodsy," he responded. "Batgirl was a librarian."

I disagreed with him, and I insisted that I was right. For days I stubbornly refused to Google it. I wanted to trust my memory.

Do you trust your memory? Vote below before you Google for the correct answer.

Who was a librarian?
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Milan said...

For those who don't want to Google:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The new version of Batgirl was written as an adult, having earned a doctorate in library science and maintaining a career as head of Gotham City Public Library."

Anonymous said...

I didn't google and I didn't look a this answer first.

seems i am the 6th person to choose Batgirl

4th Dwarf said...


Who is going to vote for Catwoman after you told them that I said it was Batgirl?


I think if Woodsy had wanted it to be easy to check less authoritative sources than me, she would have provided a link herself. (What am I trying to say? I'm saying you're probably in trouble.)

Nurse Myra:

Were you ever a librarian?

coyote said...

But for what it's worth, Woodsy, Catwoman is flat out sexier than Batgirl. Especially the Julie Newmar version...

Woodsy said...

4D, I was counting on people remembering those (few) times you have been wrong. But, you were right that time, and you are right again this time about Milan and the trouble he is in...

Nursemyra, you are such a sport. And, if you were a librarian at one time, you were probably this kind of librarain.

Coyote, we have the same taste in sex kittens.

4th Dwarf said...

I'm going to let the times I've been wrong comment go.

Same for the debate about who was the sexiest Catwoman.

But Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon at the reference desk is the one who made my blood pound.

Milan said...

With Blogger, the comments are on a separate page. As such, putting the answer there isn't really a spoiler.

4th Dwarf said...

You see, Milan, imprecise factual statements like that are why people need to check what you say on Google and Wikipedia.

Your comments are not on a separate page from Woodsy's post on this page.

Hannah said...

Woo! I got it right! And some say reading comics is a waste of time.:P

Milan said...

Even full-screen at a high screen resolution (1280 by 1024), you still need to scroll down to see the comments, at least.

Of course, the blog admin is welcome to delete the comment if it bothers them.

4th Dwarf said...


(a) I'll take your word for it about the scrolling at high resolution. I only dream of such high-tech equipment.

(b) Blog admin delete a comment? Our blog admin? We're lucky that he reads enough of what's here to put up the occasional "obscure reference cam".

coyote said...

Duuuuudes! Where are your priorities?

Ardent pedants quib;
meanwhile, hot librarians
slip off unnoticed...

Dwight Williams said...

Librarian, member of the House of Representatives, lobbyist, computer systems engineer. All of that on Barbara Gordon's resume.