Coping with The Economic Downturn, Part 5

And don't forget naps. They're free.Audrey’s List of 10 Items that You Shouldn’t Scrimp On:

  1. A good haircut.
  2. Books. If you are buying fewer books due to the economic downturn, be sure to borrow books from friends and family or the Ottawa Public Library. Don’t stop reading!
  3. Vacations. Reduce your travel budget and search online for bargains.
  4. Gifts. Give more modest gifts but don’t stop giving gifts.
  5. Your future. Keep making contributions to your pension plan.
  6. A good work wardrobe.
  7. If you are drinking less, drink the better quality wine and beer.
  8. Tips. Remember those who are less fortunate: tip more generously.
  9. Lipstick and perfume!
  10. Empathy. If your friends are fearful of losing their jobs, be sensitive. If they lose their jobs, assist them in any way you can.

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