Buy Me

I took a picture of this ad last August because something about it weirded me out.

Also, notice how:

  1. She is not that much taller than he is, but her waist is much higher than his.
  2. Her belly button is showing.
  3. She looks much younger than him.
  4. Her forearm looks like it belongs to a much older woman.
  5. Skip to number 6 (this space is reserved for Aggie's "there is no 5th thing").
  6. She is looking right past him.
  7. He is looking right past her.
  8. Her eyebrows are plucked in the 70s style.
  9. He has a visible tan line on his wrist.
If you want to know the subliminal message that I got from this ad that disturbed me, check the labels for this post.


Aggie said...

I like the gender bending undercurrent. Nice.

zoom said...

You know, that ad caught my ad for a second too. Something seemed a little odd. But then my bus came and I forgot about it until now. How weird about their waists.

Stella said...

Her belly button has been driving me crazy for months. Seriously.

Lily said...

That ad bothered me too. I think they are aliens, and they are coming to live amongst us!

Nat said...

And they said photoshop was a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The waist thing is plausible if she has very long legs and he has very short legs. The belly thing is just very odd. Also, where's his other hand and why doesn't she have any boobs? It could just all be a fiendishly clever ploy to get people talking about the ad.

Woodsy said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who noticed this ad - thanks for all your comments!

XUP, your "ploy" theory might be correct, but I suspect somebody simply sucks at photo editing and at advertising.

Bandobras said...

Silly people.
Her waist is so high because she is actually much shorter than him but standing on a stair, box or something.
Happens all the time if you have a short GF and are too lazy to bend over for a kiss.